Welcome to Darul Madinah

High Quality Education with an Islamic ethos

Welcome to Darul Madinah

Bespoke Arabic Language & Islamic Studies Curriculums

Welcome to Darul Madinah

Hifdh Program of Juz Ammah

Welcome to Darul Madinah

Daily Memorisation of the blessed names of Allah

Pupils are very happy to be in school. They greet visitors warmly, politely and with interest.

Pupils are excited about learning and highly motivated to do well.

Adults know pupils very well and are sensitive to their needs.

Leaders have established a broad, engaging and ambitious curriculum which ensures that pupils develop well personally and academically.

Confident and knowledgeable teaching ensures that pupils of all abilities learn the phonics skills needed to read successfully.

Welcome to Darul Madinah Slough

Darul Madinah is more than just a school; it’s a nurturing community where learners, educators, and families join hands to shape the future generation of faithful and knowledgeable leaders. As an OFSTED-regulated institution, we seamlessly blend the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum with essential Islamic teachings, laying a solid foundation for your child’s holistic development.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Shared Values

We recognise the profound impact parents and caregivers have on a child’s growth. That’s why we’re dedicated to cultivating a collaborative environment where your voice is not just listened to but actively sought. Together, we can unleash your child’s true potential, ensuring they not only excel academically but also flourish spiritually and morally.

Darul Madinah

Where Faith Meets Excellence in Early Education

A Journey of Discovery, Fun, and Faith

With us, your child’s educational journey is filled with enriching experiences, joyful adventures, and the foundational principles of Islam. We’re not just preparing them for the next grade; we’re preparing them for life.

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Apply for Admission

Parents can register their child through our user-friendly online registration portal or visit Darul Madinah in person to complete the process. Upon successful registration of your child’s eligibility, the  administration team will promptly contact you to guide you through the subsequent steps.

Holistic Development

Darul-Madinah offers a well-rounded education that goes beyond conventional academics to include moral, social, and spiritual values, preparing students for all phases of life.


Unique in its approach, the school aligns conventional academic studies with Islamic teachings, ensuring that students grow within the boundaries of Islam.

Value-Based Education

The curriculum is designed to instill essential life skills such as self-discipline, commitment, and integrity, equipping students to face challenges and seize opportunities wisely in their professional lives.


The school's mission is to produce practicing Islamic preachers, professionals, scholars, and experts in Islamic jurisprudence, all equipped with the attributes needed to reform and rectify society.




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